Limited to only 25 in the world, this 1180hp Singaporean owned Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar is estimated to have cost its owner a colossal 6.6mil sing dollars, which would equate to about 5mil USD.

The Agera RS is essentially a track biased racecar and is based off road going Agera R and Agera S. However, it is deemed road legal and tropicalized for road use.

Of the 25 Agera RS that will ever be built by Swedish Koenigsegg, 10 units were already sold even before being unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015.

The Agera RS is essentially a 70kg carbon + aluminium honeycomb based monocoque, with push rod based suspension, electronic adjustable dampers, front + rear double wishbone completing its chassis.

Engine wise, the Agera RS is powered by a 1180hp / 1280nm 5.0L V8 engine while its 7 speed dual clutch transmission enables the 1,395kg hypercar to launch from Zerotohundred in 2.5 secs and arrive a terminal velocity of over 400km/h!



  • Dynamically active rear wing
  • Active independent front flaps
  • Frontal area: 1.873 m²
  • Total down force at 250km/h = 485 Kg


  • Carbon fiber with aluminum honeycomb
  • Integrated fuel tanks
  • Monocoque torsional rigidity: 65,000Nm/degree
  • Weight: 70 kg (including tanks)
  • Front and rear suspension: doublewishbones, carbon fiber rear upper wish-bones, two-way electronically adjustablegas-hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Pushrod operated Triplex damper in the rear
  • Electronically adjustable ride height, fully independent per wheel


  • High Power coil on plug ignition system
  • Koenigsegg Engine Control Module and Flex fuel capacity (KECM)


  • 7-speed paddle-shift with auto shift mode
  • Koenigsegg Electronic differential
  • (KED)Koenigsegg Gearbox Control Module (KGCM)


  • Rack and pinion hydro-electric power assisted steering.
  • 2.7 turn lock-to-lockTurning circle: 11 metres


  • Koenigsegg Aircore™ Super light hollow carbon fibre wheelsc
  • entre locking wheel
  • Front: 19” x 9.5”
  • Rear: 20” x 12.5”


Front brakes

  • Ventilated ceramic discs Ø397 mm,
  • 40 mm wide 6-piston,
  • Koenigsegg calipers

Rear brakes

  • Ventilated ceramic discs Ø380 mm, 34 mm wide 4-piston
  • Koenigsegg calipers
  • Power-assisted


  1. Dedicated Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 (or optional Michelin Supersport for everyday use)
  2. Unidirectional with asymmetric thread patternFront: 265/35 – 19” (Y)Rear: 345/30 – 20” (Y)


  1. Total length: 4293 mm
  2. Total width: 2050 mm
  3. Total height: 1120 mm
  4. Low speed ground clearance: 105 mm
  5. Track mode ground clearance: 85 mm
  6. Front lifting system activated: 150 mm
  7. Wheelbase: 2662 mm
  8. Fuel capacity: 82 litres
  9. Luggage compartment: 150 litres
  10. Dry weight: 1295 kg (Curb weight: 1395)