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Video: Race exhaust + remote controlled valve in our Clio 4 RS by Everco tested

This is how a custom exhaust looks and sounds like on our Clio RS. Built by our project car partner Everco, a renowned exhaust specialist that was established a couple of decades ago with focus on OEM applications. More recently known for their expertise within the aftermarket performance world, Everco has emerged as the go-to shop for bespoke stainless-steel exhaust for all performance cars.

I hope you enjoy our video review of this brilliant exhaust system and the photos below

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everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_1547252Of late, Everco has since diversified their business from just pure exhaust solutions where they now offer aftermarket tuning for Euros. This includes anything from a simple oil service, to ECU flash, water methanol systems, to full fledged power upgrades.

A partner on board TIMETOATTACK Series (TTA), our very own flagship circuit event based in Sepang Circuit where lap time is of the essence, Everco has in multiple rounds of TTA emerged champions via a handful of their tuned euro creations. Many of them in the form of track biased Audi TT-S and VW Golfs.

Everco trumped the charts at TIMETOATTACK Round 1 April 2015 with a blistering 2:27.250 in their very own Audi TT-S (right) driven by none other than their man in charge, Kingston.

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154942The magical item that makes Everco’s exhausts boom, pop and crackle on demand. Their valvetronic remote actuated exhaust valve that turns a race exhaust into a street exhaust at the press of a button.

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154820Here’s a closer look at their work. Clean welds and on top of that, water jet-cut connecting flanges ensures top quality physique and a perfect leak-less seal.

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154415The full turbo-back system on our 2015 Renault Clio RS 200 EDC comprises:

  • Turbo downpipe
  • Primary and secondary catalytic converters deleted
  • 2.5″ stainless steel plumbing
  • Stainless steel mid box
  • Stainless steel rear muffler with 2 exits
  • Everco Valvetronic remote actuated exhaust valve
  • Valvetronic Remote Control
  • Exhaust exits via a single outlet (left) when valve is open
  • All flanges are water jet cut
  • All bends utilize mandrel bent elbow pipes

This complete system on our Clio RS 200 EDC is priced at: RM6,800.00

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154810A flexible joint from after the turbo-downpipe

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154534Rear diffusser shrouds the view where the rest of the plumbing leads to the rear muffler

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154836It has been months since and our stainless plumbing is now heated gold to perfection

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154921Always a mesmerizing experience looking at perfectly welded joints

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_154545Here’s another look at the Everco’s Valvetronic actuator

everco exhaust clio 4 rs remote valve 0121_160251Have to say the Clio RS 200 has got cool almost-flat underbody and a rear diffuser

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