The hardcore Pagani Huayra BC caught undisguised in the wild!


The upcoming hardcore Pagani Huayra has been shrouded in mystery as no one really knows much about it. The initial guess of it being called the Huayra S seemed to have died down as the ‘BC’ designation is now being used to describe this winged Huayra. However, those who just could not wait for this Huayra’s reveal can rejoice as it was recently caught in the wild without any form of disguise!


This new Huayra BC was caught minus its usual QR code camouflage at Mount Etna in Sicily just last week. We are not sure if Pagani was not expecting anyone to stumble upon his new creation but as we know today, there are eyes everywhere and you certainly could not get something like a Huayra to go under the radar.


The spy shots obtained over the past few months had given us the idea of how the car will look like, and now we have the chance to have a first peek on the BC. This new Huayra is easily distinguished from the usual model from its new carbon fiber front bumper and splitter incorporating LED lights. The headlights have been tweaked, as well as the bonnet and the large air flaps.



The BC now features air extractors on the wheel arches, larger side air vents, and a set of twin seven-spoke wheels. The upgrades also extend to the rear where it now gets a large carbon fiber rear wing, a new diffuser and a new exhaust system.


Knowing Pagani, the upgrades definitely would not stop there as there is still the AMG-powered 6.0-liter twin turbocharged V12 to talk about. Since the Geneva Motor Show is still far away, we doubt that Pagani will share any technical details anytime soon.