It was not that far back that we have witnessed the launch of the new Evora 400 on our shores but already Lotus is coming up with a new model for the Evora. Dubbed as the Evora Sport 410, Lotus had once again applied their usual recipe of lightening up their cars and adding more power, and of course there is nothing wrong about that.


In a world where lighter is always better, the chaps at Lotus managed to shave off an extra 70kg off the Evora 400’s weight, and at the same time tinkering the supercharged V6 engine to make an extra 10-horsepower for a total of 410-horsepower. As a result, the new Evora Sport 410 takes only 4.1 seconds to do a zerotohundred when equipped with an automatic transmission.


But those opting for the manual transmission will not only get the most enjoyment out of driving; it also has a smaller weight figure where the manual weighs 1,325kg compared to the automatic’s 1,337kg. Aside from having a higher top speed at 300km/h compared to the automatic’s 280km/h, a low inertia flywheel and a Torsen limited-slip differential are also some of the reasons for one to consider the traditional stick shifter.


Lotus was able to omit 70kg by replacing many parts with those made out of carbon fiber such as the front splitter, roof panel, tailgate, rear diffuser, race-derived sports seats and a revised front access panel. The new bodywork also increased the downforce by 15-percent with no increase in drag. Lotus had tested the new 410 around the Hethel test track and was able to clock a timing of 1 minute 28 seconds, 3 seconds faster than the 400.


The suspension setup has been calibrated to improve the geometry and completely revised the damping. The 410 rides 5mm lower than the Evora 400 and the standard ultra-light 10-spoke forged aluminium can be equipped with the optional Michelin Cup 2 tires.