Is USD 7mil a ‘bargain’ for this Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition?


When the Lexus LFA first popped up, it managed to garner a lot of attention as it is one of the few supercars from Japan that looks and sounds amazing. While the howl from the 4.8-liter V10 engine is just intoxicating, it did come with a very hefty price tag of USD 375,000 (RM 1,529,625) and one could easily get something that is faster without spending such an amount.


However, someone thought that the LFA is not just expensive enough and led them thinking that maybe they could rake a bit more from selling this 500-in-the-world supercar. After the base LFA, Lexus came out with the track-oriented Nurburgring Package that adds an extra 10-horsepower, recalibrated transmission and a set of weight shaving measures as well as some aero upgrades.


The Nurburgring Package was priced at USD 445,000 (RM 1,815,155) when it was new, but a Lexus dealership in Germany thought that selling it for 6,430,000 Euros (RM 29,547,751) will make it the bargain of the history.


With such a price tag, one would expect this particular LFA to host a prototype engine or even some unseen techs from Lexus. But the only thing that differentiates this model from the other Nurburgring Packages is a signature by Toyota president Akio Toyoda, which was then being given a clear coat to preserve it.


With 422 miles (679 km) on the odometer, one could still consider this car new. But asking for almost RM 30 million for an LFA that initially costs RM 1.8 million is just insanity. Our best guess would be that they actually added an extra ’0’ at the back which would then bring down the price to an understandable RM 2.9 million.