Chris Evans gets car sick during Top Gear filming


The twist and turns of the new Top Gear has been pretty interesting lately, especially when we heard the rumours that the new host, Chris Evans, could not do a good job in giving out commentaries while driving. And now, a new had surfaced as Evans was seen to be car sick after riding shotgun in an Audi R8 V10 plus.


Of course, when we take into account that it was co-host Sabine Schmitz behind the wheel, such an outcome might not be a surprise. But if you were to lead one of the top motoring shows in the world, getting car sick while being driven around in a 550-horsepower supercar is not a good start.


The BBC motoring show was filming at the Mazda Raceway track in Monterey, California, where the 49-year-old presenter was seen exiting the R8 and retching at the side of the race track. The filming was then forced to a halt to give way for Evans to recover after he removed his helmet and sat on the track barrier.


Top Gear has taken a downward spiral after the ‘fracas’ that involved Jeremy Clarkson and the show’s producer, Oisin Tymon. After Clarkson was removed from the show, Richard Hammond and James May followed suit, leaving BBC in a pickled situation with no one to continue the legacy of one of the best motoring shows in the world.

Months after, it was announced that radio presenter Chris Evans will be leading Top Gear and there were numerous rumours of Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris being lined up as the co-presenters. With Schmitz’s appearance in the R8, this might have confirmed the news, but there is no word just yet on Harris’ involvement.