Just last weekend, Sepang Circuit hosted the touching down of Porsche’s very sought after Cayman GT4 but one in full Motorsport mode. 
Called the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, this car is bound within the confines of race track competition use only. 

Powered by originally specced 3.8L boxer as seen in the road going GT4, the Clubsport retains factory 380hp but with a huge twist. It’s not stick. 

Porsche Motorsport has replaced the much celebrated 6 speed manual of the GT4  with the company’s mega quick PDK dual clutch for the Clubsport racecar. 

Simply because there’s no denying the PDK is the definitive choice for circuit racing, plus if the Clubsport were to compete in a non Cayman GT4 cup race, then dual clutch box shall ensure its competitiveness. 

Furthermore, its mostly Gentlemen racing clientele of this day and age are likely to prefer the PDK over stick,  hence the no brainer paddle shifting transmission choice. 

The cockpit is completely stripped as expected but with typical Porsche Motorsport ID. Race steering with padded shifters dominate the dash, while a spider of metal tubing completes the weldded in cage race cockpit. 

There’s also the Recaro P1300 GT race seat , FT3 100L safety fuel cell with safety cut-off, fire suppression system, window net, and air jack system built in. 
Elsewhere, the Clubsport resembles its road going GT4 version almost completely. Although with minor, but necessary motorsport changes made, such as the hood’s central fuel filler, tow points and so on. 

The GT4 Clubsport will cost 127,900 Euros

But this particular Manthey Racing specced GT4 Clubsport comes with:

  • Refuelling system
  • sway bar on front axle 
  • 2-way adjustable race suspension kit
  • adjustable brake balance bar
  • drive shaft spacer
  • carbon-fibre doors 
  • carbon fibre bonnet
  • polycarbonate windscreen
  • rear wing
  • rear wing bracket
  • steering wheel control unit
  • CAN Gateaway
  • steering wheel hub extension.

The above list of additional options by Manthey Racing will ensure compliance to SRO’s upcoming GT4 class race but now bumps the price to 159,990 Euros. 

Elsewhere, the Clubsport gets 911 GT3 Cup rear suspension and front struts. There’s also a mechanical limited slip rear diff. 

Brakes wise, the GT4 Clubsport gets the almighty Porsche monoblock calipers with 6 pots front and a 4 pot rear, while 380mm steel discs surrounds all four corners. .