2016 Nissan Skyline R32 Gathering x Trackday @ MIMC!


The Nissan Skyline R32 owners in Malaysia belong in a close-knit community. So when the much-awaited 3rd of February looms by, you can expect tonnes of Nissan’s R San Ni to come out from their hiding dens and unleash the growl that is residing underneath the hood. That was exactly what happened on the 3rd of February 2016 as more than a dozen R32s made their way to the Melaka International Motorsport Circuit (MIMC) for their second annual gathering/track day.



Organized by the Nissan Skyline Forum-R32 (NSF-R32), 18 owners made their way to MIMC from various parts of Malaysia, including one who came all the way from across the Causeway. Of course, the cars are not limited to GT-Rs only as there were also some rear-wheeled versions as well as the four-door variants.




Since the event was organized by the owners for the owners, everything that was in store for the day involved their prized rides. The day started off with the Show & Shine where the cleanest car grabs the title.



There were a number of contenders for the title, but it was Peck from Singapore who took the win with his immaculate R32 GT-R that looks as if it recently rolled off from the production lines.


The day continued with the drag battles where the short main straight at MIMC was used as a makeshift drag strip.



To make things fun, the owners were paired up by drawing lots and it was not long until the air was filled with sounds of screeching tires, shocking backfires and fluttering turbos. The fight was a close one between the owners but at the end of the session, Peck once again emerged victorious with his trusty Godzilla.




But the serious track actions do not stop there as after the drag race, the 18 cars were divided into four groups of four to five cars for the Circuit Battle. Reminiscing a Hot Version showdown, each heat consisted of a 5-lap battle and the owners really opened the taps in this challenge.




Although this was only a friendly match between the owners, that was no excuse for them to take this challenge lightly. There was no shortage of bumper-to-bumper actions and they fully utilised the track to gain any advantage against their rivals.



At the end of the heats, Zuraimi emerged victorious in the Group A session while Din Nismo took the win for Group B. Peck certainly did not go home empty handed as he won the Group C showdown followed by Mac winning the Group D battle.


Just when we thought the track actions have cleared out, Radical Dynamic Solutions had sponsored a special stage where they picked the winners of the Circuit Battle for another 5-lap battle.


And instead of just having a prize for the first place finisher, a special prize awaits the driver who shows the best driving style throughout the stage. Din Nismo was the crowd’s favourite and he goes home with a set of RDS clubman spec absorbers which will be tailored to his own specifications.



After giving out the prizes and using the remaining time as an open track session, the owners gathered one last time for a photo op before bidding goodbye to their fellow R32 comrades. We sure are surprised that there are quite a number of R32s still in the country, and at the same time admiring their effort to come to MIMC for the event as some even drove all the way from Penang! Kudos to all of you!