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Zender takes the Alfa 4C up a notch with more power and sharper looks!


After Alfa Romeo came out with the 8C, we were longing for them to produce another model that is just as handsome and full of flair. Luckily our prayers were answered as the 4C is just a beautiful piece of machinery and art fused together, and this cute little thing has more than just the looks.


Weighing 895kg from its carbon fiber construction and a four-cylinder 1.75-liter turbocharged power plant sitting at the back of the driver, zerotohundred takes only 4.5 seconds and will keep on climbing until it hits the top speed of 258 km/h. While it is definitely not a car to be messed with, Zender thinks that they could add a little more zing for this Alfa.



240 horses are in no doubt more than enough to have fun in a machine as light as the 4C, but adding a bit more oomph definitely would not hurt. With a power boost of 34-horsepower, the 4C now has a power-to-weight ratio of 3.2kg/hp from 3.73kg/hp. Top that off with a weight reduction of 15kg, 0.2 seconds has been shaved off the zerotohundred time and the top speed is now 265 km/h.

Alfa-Romeo-4C-Zender-10 Alfa-Romeo-4C-Zender-15 Alfa-Romeo-4C-Zender-20

Since now it has the go, Zender shifts the attention to giving the 4C a more aggressive look. But the sharper bodykit attached is not just for looks as it also channels air to the important parts of the drivetrain. The interior has also been refined as well, receiving dashes of black leather, Alcantara and red stitching all over.