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Wing Hin Motorsports to enter Sepang 12 Hour this weekend in all-new livery!

Malaysia’s premiere race team, Wing Hin Motorsports’ TRD 86 is no doubt one of the country’s best engineered touring production candidates competing in the sanctioned races at Sepang.


Company and Team Introduction

As Malaysia’s sole distributor of TRD products since 2001, Wing Hin believes racing brings unparalleled injection of competitive spirit and relevance within the automotive industry. This competitive mindset of Motorsports has been beneficial towards the company as the fast paced attitude surrounding the sport trickles down into their daily business operation further aspiring work force morale and has since increased productivity.

Wing Hin Motorsports was first conceived in 2008 and is currently based in a private motorsports engineering facility located in Balakong, Kuala Lumpur. Through deep association with TRD Japan, Wing Hin Motorsports initially focused on providing race engineering support to TRD during the Super GT races held in Sepang.

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Team Principle Simon Loh currently heads Wing Hin Motorsports and was responsible in spearheading the team’s participation in various Championships and Endurance races throughout the years.

A race to remember was in 2010 when Wing Hin debuted their race team in full force, where they raced the grueling 12 hour race in Sepang, dubbed the MMER in a formidable Super Taikyu specced, TRD engineered Toyota Altezza.


The Racecar : TRD 86 #86

The upcoming Sepang 12 Hour race will see Wing Hin Motorsports fielding their famed TRD Toyota 86 #86. It is the cream of the crop among their fleet of racecars including another TRD 86 #88 and the previously contending Super Taikyu TRD Altezza


TRD 86 #86 is currently Wing Hin Motorsports most developed racecar, that had taken almost 2 years in the making. First appeared at Sepang in 2013 as a MMER 12hr contender and had been further optimized throughout multiple full seaons of touring car races namely the MSS and MCS.

It was also the lead 86 of the 2 86s that were on the grid in 2014’s MMER 12hr. Piloted by Wing Hin Motorsport’s resident drivers Kenny Lee, William Ho and Chris Shannessey, they qualified 6th and brought the team their best MMER results ever. In a field that was commonly dominated by the inherently more powerful Hondas, it was an achievement to be savored for years to come.


However, as with all forms of endurance racing, the inevitable happened and after a good handful of hours into the 12 hour race, having successfully chased the front running pack and despite promising probability of a podium finish, Wing Hin Motorsports had to surrender their 4th position and retire the 86 due to a technical difficulty.


Specifications : Wing Hin Motorsports’ TRD 86 #86

  • 2012 Toyota 86
  • Chassis and Engine developed by TRD Factory Japan
  • Motec engine management system
  • Holinger race sequential transmission
  • Moty’s Japan lubrication program
  • KW race suspension system
  • Billion Japan cooling system and products
  • Sard rear aero and engine components
  • Weds Sport TC105N competition wheels
  • Yokohama Advan racing slicks

Sponsors Listing

  • Denso
  • TRD
  • Moty’s
  • Sard Racing
  • Billion
  • Yokohama Advan


Wing Hin Motorsports’ Driver’s Line Up for Sepang 12 Hour 2015

  1. Kenny Lee
  2. William Ho
  3. Boy Wong



Sepang 12 Hour 2015 Race Aim?

Despite multiple almost-there moments in the recent years competing in the 12 Hour race, this significant plight has never discouraged Wing Hin Motorsports one bit. In fact, Team Boss Simon Loh strongly believes the past experiences in the 12 hour game has in many ways contributed to the increased performance of not just their race cars but more so their team, engineers and crew members.


The spirit of competition within their team has never been stronger. A point to note is, the team members within Wing Hin Motorsports are some of the most loyal on the field. At daybreak on a regular day, these talents are important contributors of their daily business at the Balakong facility. By race season opener, they put on their race cap and continue to relentlessly contribute to the next race.


So no matter the outcome, Team Wing Hin Motorsports never fail to return home a winner. Their philosophy in racing has always been an experiential journey for their team members where the destination is nothing short of unity and perseverance.

This is Wing Hin Motorsports.

However, in this year’s Sepang 12 Hour, moulded by plenty of past experiences, hardened by the barriers broken, Wing Hin Motorsports is highly confident they are that much closer to the taste of victory. This weekend will see Wing Hin Motorsports targeting the Sepang 12 Hour in full force, contending for the top podium spots.

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