Unlucky MX-5 owner gets into a crash right after delivery, gets a new one from Mazda!


Upon getting the keys to your newly acquired set of wheels, the joy and excitement to get it on the roads is almost uncontainable. But one thing that you do not want to happen to your new car is to get into an accident, and that was exactly what happened to a Miata Forum member known as SCSM who had recently taken delivery of his new 2016 Mazda MX-5.


Opted for the Launch Edition in Soul Red, his car was one of the 1,000 cars destined to the United States, and needless to say that he and his wife was excited to get the new car running on the roads. Unfortunately for them, their joy was short lived as about one mile or so from the dealership, a Ford F-150 rear ended the spanking new Miata which caused damage to both its front and rear end.

Thankfully both SCSM and his wife were not seriously injured in the incident but as for the Miata, the same could not be said for this cherry red car. So while he made some calls to the insurance company to settle things off, he also spoke to the dealership, Tom Bush Mazda, in hoping that they could help in one way or another.


Surprisingly Mazda North America returned his call a couple of days later and informing him that they will be sending him a replacement unit! Technically Mazda had no real obligation to do anything from the moment that the accident happened after the owner took delivery of the car and left their premises, so their swift action in handling this matter really deserves a salute.