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Remember the Toyota S-FR Concept we posted a while back? Although this cute little Toyota has yet to reach the production lines, that is no excuse for the Japanese manufacturer to not fiddle around with it. And since the Tokyo Auto Salon is only weeks away, Toyota had taken this sports compact and turned it into an interesting racer.

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It is called the S-FR Racing Concept. Obviously based on the S-FR, Toyota had thrown in a couple of touches to make the S-FR more comfortable in tackling the track. The S-FR has been slapped with a more aggressive bodykit that consists of an updated grille, redesigned front bumper with an apron, a vented hood, extended fenders housing black alloys, new side skirts and a lowered suspension.

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As for the rear, a huge wing now sits on the bonnet and the diffuser shows it means business, as well as the centre-mounted exhaust pipe.

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According to Toyota, the S-FR Racing is 110mm longer, 40mm wider, and rides 50mm lower than the S-FR Concept, but retain the same 2,480mm wheelbase. Too bad that Toyota still keeps a tight lid on the powertrain, but it was rumoured that a production version will be getting a 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated engine making 130-horsepower, or a 1.2-liter turbocharged with 114-horsepower.