To spice up their presence at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed, Toyota will be bringing down six 86 coupes for display. But these 86s will not be featuring some concept build or a preview of a limited run as they will be dressed in the iconic colours of some of the greatest race machines to have ever raced with a Toyota badge on it.


Aside from the vinyl wraps, the cars will also be given some touches to give it a more appropriate look such as lowered springs, stainless steel exhausts and retro-styled wheels. Each of the six cars present will be inspired by a different model, including two sporting versions of Toyota’s original sports car, the 2000GT, and Ove Andersson’s 1970 Celica 1600GT rally car.

Toyota-GT86-classic-liveries-3 Toyota-GT86-classic-liveries-7

Other cars on display include the IMSA GTU Celica that raced in North America in the 1980s, the World Rally Championship Celica GT-Four and the Esso Ultron Tiger Supra from the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship.

Toyota-GT86-classic-liveries-6 Toyota-GT86-classic-liveries-9

All six of the Toyota 86 will be available for public drives in the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Moving Motor Show on June 25 and will be put on static display supporting the GT86 Drift Experience at Goodwood race circuit soon after.