The new Lotus 3-Eleven will come with 420HP and weighs only 890kg?


The CEO of Lotus Cars, Jean-Marc Gales had recently revealed some new details regarding to the successor of their 2-Eleven which will be called the 3-Eleven. The chunks of details were revealed in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport and among those details is a more potent power plant for this lightweight car.


Powering the car will be a V6 engine with an undisclosed displacement which will be tuned to make a hefty amount of 420-horsepower. As a comparison to the predecessor, the 2-Eleven only rolls out with a conservative 255-horsepower. With this big power leap, Gales expects the car to have a top speed of 290km/h and lapping the Nurburgring at 7:09.


Gales also added that the 3-Eleven will be based around the Lotus Exige and will be using the same chassis. The chassis will then be stiffened and tipping the scales at a lightweight 890kg once all of the work is done.


Last but not least, the 3-Eleven will be released on a limited run as only 311 units will ever be produced. The car will be making its public debut at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 later in September.

(Pictured here is the 2-Eleven)