Delivering instant response at the touch of the throttle, the wild participants of the Naturally Aspirated category continue to fill Sepang International Circuit with their deafening screams at the opening round of the 2015 TIMETOATTACK. Coming from a wide number of makes and models, the battle for NA supremacy has always been a close one.


Down in the Street NA-FF category, a brave Proton Satria Neo stood up to the challenge of entering this Honda-filled class. The #9 car driven by Elyrizal Bakly showed that the Satria does have some potential with a best time of 2:52.880.



There are only 300 units available and all of them are finished exclusively in Milano Red. The Honda Civic Mugen RR might be a wet dream for some and we sure are glad to have one participating in TIMETOATTACK. Obviously the owner did not want this car to be a garage queen and with Hasrul Hisyam behind the wheels, he managed to clock a 2:45.031 around the 5.543km circuit.



DSC_0082The Civic EG6 might be a car from the yesteryears but when set up properly, it could even outrun its younger brothers of today. Chong Tun Lung proved this point with his 2:41.475 lap time.



When we said the fight was going to be close, we were not making that up. The top three places in the Street NA-FF category all clocked a best timing within the 2:37 range, starting from Ahmad Zuhaili with his 2:37.728.



The top spot was in reach for Sayyed Ali as he managed to stay ahead of Zuhaili with a 2:37.359, but Eugene Pang was not going to give up that easily. With a very narrow gap of 0.014 seconds, Eugene took the win for the Street NA-FF category with a 2:37.345.



Over to the Super Street NA-FF category, Eric Yong had certainly done some serious work on his Honda CR-Z as he managed to clinch third position with a timing of 2:38.305.





Coming in second was Tan Siaw Kian in the ST Powered Civic with a best time of 2:32.976 and blowing everyone out of the way is Aloysius Lek in the carbon-clad Civic FD2R with a lap time of 2:27.930.



Terry Shum had certainly livened up the Street NA-RWD category with his mint BMW E30, and posted a competitive timing of 2:50.226.



Being the only rotary in the game, Sharazi Ismail and his Mazda RX8 did pretty well with a 2:44.213 lap time around Sepang.



Dressed for the kill, this mean Toyota Altezza driven by Zebedee Tay/William Chong is an instant favourite. Already looking like a proper GT3 machine, they managed to secure third place in the category with a timing of 2:41.150.



Driven daily by Norman on the streets of Singapore, he has put a lot of effort in making his Honda S2000 to perform to his liking on both the streets and the track. The efforts poured in definitely did not go in vain as the second place is his to claim with a timing of 2:39.753.



With quite a comfortable gap from Norman, Steve Toh took first place in the Street NA-RWD category in his Honda S2000 with a best time of 2:36.198.