The Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo Concept is a modern representation of the legendary 787B!


To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo video game series, they have come up with the ‘Vision’ concept cars line up that features some wild and outstanding cars designed by real auto manufacturers themselves. After attracting names like Subaru and Toyota to have a go, Mazda figured that they also have something underneath their sleeves and had recently unveiled their take of the ‘Vision’ concept car.


Dubbed as the LM55, Mazda’s Vision concept car is a special one as it also honours one of the legendary cars that had ever raced on Circuit de La Sarthe; the #55 787B. Grabbing the win in the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, this four-rotor racer immediately grabbed headlines back in its days and the LM55 could be a proper representation of the 787B in today’s era.

mazda-lm55-vision-gran-turismo_100494876_h mazda-lm55-vision-gran-turismo_100494874_h

While Mazda has yet to mention the type of engine the LM55 is housing, it will surely be featuring some fuel-saving technologies like the SkyAktiv. The LM55 also features the KODO design for its whole front section while the body does give out that hint that it was designed to have the 787B stance and vibe in mind.

mazda-lm55-vision-gran-turismo_100494875_h mazda-lm55-vision-gran-turismo_100494878_h

You can have a go on the LM55 at none other than Gran Turismo 6 at Play Station 3 and the car is already available for download at no cost.