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Photo Feature: Lexus RCF in Carbon Pack at Wing Hin Auto Carriage Sungai Besi

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_693022

The next time you see this lux Lexus, it’ll be on the roads, not showrooms anywhere in the country. When we were informed about the only carbon-packed RCF being in town, with a mere hour’s worth of face time between its arrival to the showroom and departure to its new owner, we rushed over to Lexus Sungai Besi. A subsidiary of our motorsports partner, this premier Lexus dealership is owned by Wing Hin Auto Carriage under the Wing Hin umbrella, and with that, we were extremely privileged to access the temp home of the RCF behind closed doors, after hours.


The Lexus RCF is a huge coupe, echoing the likes of BMW’s new 6 series in bulk and status. Its design ques reflect current Lexus line-up with the signature front-end that includes the spindle design grille, and controversial headlights with what Lexus calls the L-shape DRL and the rear of the recent IS-F with the unique quad-piped exhaust.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_69592

It’s not just design ques that are used from the best Lexus models either, Lexus mentioned that the RC platform is based on 3 of their most successful chassis, with the front section taken from the GS sedan bonded to the intermediate section of the IS convertible followed by the rear clip of the IS sedan, all stuck together via Lexus’ advanced Laser Screw Welding and some fancy adhesives.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_70122

As you can tell, this is not a regular 3.5L V6 RC, or even the top-end RM760,000.00 5L V8 RCF. What we have here is the Carbon Package edition worth RM67,000.00 in additional carbon fiber parts. This includes carbon trimming, carbon bonnet and carbon rear wing. Carbon roof is a RCF standard equipment. This brings the price of this RCF Carbon to over RM800,000.00.


The RCF doesn’t seem to want to compete with similarly ranged cars, such as the new M4, C63 and such. It belongs in its own class. A Class meant for the extraordinary clientele. It associates itself with class, luxury and exclusivity. All these via attention to details, bespoke engineering, over-the-brim in electronics, huge, yet relaxed V8 engine and of course price.


The V8 above churns 467HP but don’t expect GTR type ferocity. The RCF weighs in excess of 1.8 tonnes, requiring substantial resources from the 5L NA engine but when paired with their 8-speed paddle-shift automatic, should provide a sense of relentless ascent, in a silky smooth fashion.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_69502

Carbon is virtually everywhere on the RCF, with top-notch quality that is Lexus.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_69442

Some of the longest front ends we’ve seen. Again, the carbon on the bonnet of the RCF is faultless. Lexus’ current headlight design never fails to turn us on.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_70022

Speaking of its carbon panels, notice the underside of the bonnet where Lexus used what looks like excess carbon chips somehow works to add to the intricate details of the RCF.

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_69792

The familiar Lexus cockpit on the RCF

lexus rcf carbon wing in auto carriage IMG_70042

The aggressive IS-F ish front fender air outlet is brought back and make its way to the RC-F


More carbon on the roof and a shark fin of yesteryears.


There’s no where more accessible to experience the latest Lexus models than the Lexus Sungai Besi Showroom by Wing Hin Auto Carriage located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Plus they’re our partners in racing so they know their cars and are extremely hospitable. Do check them out the next time you’re thinking of a Lexus.

Find them on Facebook:

Lexus Malaysia Sungai Besi
No.314, Jalan Sungai Besi,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. No: +(603) 9222 2268


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  • May 22, 2015
The RC F's engine is 5.0-liter V8 NA and not a 4.5-liter.
Thank you Lingkesh! My Bad.