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New Turbo Civic Type R Nurburging on-board video surfaces! – Beats Megane Trophy-R by almost 4 secs at 7:50.63!

Released just hours ago, Honda had just gotten the world’s enthusiasts excited again with this new video of a Nurburgring lap set in the latest Turbo Civic Type-R! At a reportedly 300hp plus power figure with over 400nm in their new turbocharged 2L VTEC engine, the new R also benefits from a mechanical LSD and Dual-Axis Strut that is said to mimic the Revo Knucle on the Ford Focus RS or the Perfohub on the Megane RS which will provide next-level, zero-torque steer – further enhancing the Civic R Turbo’s cornering prowess.

civic type r nurburgring turbo

In this video, Honda has mentioned that it was recorded in May 2014 during their prototype test, driven by their contracted professional driver. They’ve also added that it has a roll-cage fitted and concludes that it’s there for safety reasons. However,  youtube commenters are skeptical and aren’t fully convinced about the authenticity of the new Civic R performance at the Nurburging simply because it’s not a production example and the presence of the roll-cage adds to the skepticism.

Nevertheless, at a Nurburgring Lap of 7:50.63, this makes the new Turbo Civic faster than RenaultSport’s prized Megane 275 Trophy-R by almost 4 seconds at 7:54.36 and puts it on par with the likes of the Murcielago and M3 CSL!

Can the production example of the new Civic Type-R Turbo match the said proven lap in the prototype? Only time will tell.