McLaren takes the covers off their new 650S Spider Can-Am!


If you think that Lamborghini could not stop producing variants of their famous Gallardo, then try putting a stop on McLaren in diversifying the 12C/650S platform. Following in adding a new special edition into the line-up, the 650S Spider is about to get a new variant under its name called the Can-Am.


If some of you may recall, the MP4-12C Can-Am is a track monster with a huge wing at the back designed to devour others on a track day. The 650S Spider Can-Am however is a little bit different. The car was born to mark the anniversary of 50 years of Can-Am racing that will be celebrated next year and appropriate enough, only 50 of such specimens will be built.


The 650S Spider Can-Am is the work of the brilliant chaps in the MSO division (McLaren Special Operations), which were also the ones responsible for the McLaren X1. While the engine might have not been touched and there are not that much changes in its styling, those with a sharp eye will notice the differences.

mclaren-650s-spider-can-am-first-pictures-are-in-and-it-looks-unsurprisingly-cool_20 mclaren-650s-spider-can-am-first-pictures-are-in-and-it-looks-unsurprisingly-cool_14

For example, the Can-Am will treat the listeners with the newly developed stainless steel exhaust system which also has different tips than those on the stock 650S. The car’s design was inspired by some vintage elements and the car is available in three different colours; Mars Red, Onyx Black and Papaya Shark.