Mazda revives the rotary power with the new rear-wheel RX-VISION Concept!


If it is one thing that we are tired of hearing, it definitely has to be rumours of a successor of Mazda RX7. Do not get us wrong as we do not hate the car and there is nothing wrong in resurrecting an icon, but the rumours have been going on and on without any convincing photos or sources. But those might change today onwards as Mazda revealed a very special creation at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.


It is called the RX-VISION Concept and disappointingly enough, that ‘Concept’ moniker might just mean that the car will remain so forever. However, Mazda stated that it “represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality; a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with “KODO design-based proportions” that’s powered by the next-generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine”.


Yes, you read that right. This new Concept does not only preview a new FR platform that Mazda might soon build, it will also be powered by a new rotary engine called the SKYACTIV-R. However, Mazda did not shed any light on this new rotary power plant on how many horsepower it will make nor its displacement.


While the rear lights do look like it is paying homage to the RX7, a side profile of the RX-VISION does have that Aston Martin Vantage-ish look. With a protracted hood in the front and a stubby rear, the Concept measures 4,389mm long, 1,925mm wide and 1,160mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,700mm. It rolls on a set of 20-inch black wheels with 245/40R20 tires up front and 285/35R20 at the rear.


As for the interior, Mazda has kept it simple with a dash of some retro hints like the deep steering wheel and the analogue instrument dials.