There is no doubt that Mazda’s RX-Vision concept was something that the brand’s fans were waiting for as it brought back two of their favourite things: rear-wheel drive and the rotary engine. However, those are not the only concepts Mazda is prepping for their fans with as they had also revealed two more concepts at the recent SEMA.


Using the Miata as their platform, the first of the two is the MX-5 Spyder concept where it features a new automated roof from American Sunroof Corporation covered in fabric supplied by Haartz.

mazda-mx-5-spyder-concept-2015-sema-show_100532450_hThe MX-5 Spyder is finished in a specially formulated Mercury Silver paint finish, carbon fiber aerokit, body-coloured toneau cover, custom grille and a set of 17-inch wheels.


The more modernized concept is called the MX-5 Speedster where it has no roof at all. The roofless design even eliminates the windshield and replaces it with a small wind deflector.

mazda-mx-5-speedster-concept-2015-sema-show_100532447_hFinished in a paint called Blue Ether, the interior is covered in a mix of Alcantara and carbon fiber trim. Rolling on a set of 16-inch Rays rims, the Speedster is also fitted with ab adjustable suspension system.

With the use of lightweight materials, Mazda was able to shave off more than 113kg of weight compared to the standard Miata. As an example, the MX-5 Speedster only weighs 943kg.

“The all-new 2016 MX-5 served as a blank canvas for our design team to create some truly one-of-a-kind cars, yet our SEMA concepts remain true to more than 25 years of MX-5 heritage,” said Mazda designer Ken Saward.