Liberty Walk preps up a widebody Audi R8 for SEMA!


Since SEMA is just around the corner, Liberty Walk is busy prepping up a new project to be displayed at the Specialty Equipment Market Association. After working on cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia and even the Dodge Challenger, the guys at Liberty Walk are shifting their view to Audi and the next car to receive their wide body treatment is the R8.


Some might not fancy the touches from tuners like Liberty Walk ruining the original bodywork of cars like the R8, but we welcome the new ideas they are bringing in to add some variety into the auto scene.


Like all Liberty Walk creations, the R8 was given the iconic overfenders on both front and rear ends. Adding wider tracks for a more aggressive look, the R8 is also lowered down to a ground-scraping ride height which we hope runs on adjustable suspension.


If any of you are interested in slamming down and widening up your R8 into one of Liberty Walk’s creations, a complete bodykit can cost from USD 12,740 (RM 54,093) to USD 21,620 (RM 91,797).