Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM was torched to the ground after armed robbery!


Despite not having snow in this part of the world, the name Jon Olsson does not really need a lengthy introduction. The 33-year-old Swede made a name for himself by being a professional freeskier, and also for his amazing taste in cars. And when we say amazing, his taste is really like none we have ever seen where he once joined the Gumball 3000 in a LMP1-like Rebellion R2K.


He was also known to have given his Audi RS6 an extreme makeover, turning the sleeper wagon into a DTM-inspired machine equipped with an aggressive bodykit and enough grunt under the hood to outrun anything chasing him. But unfortunately all good things will come to an end and the make it even more tragic, this epic RS6 saw its end in a devastating inferno.


This tragic ending started when this RS6 Avant formerly owned by Jon Olsson (now owned by Douwe Leitner) was stolen in an armed robbery at a gas station where two armed criminals snatched the car during a filming of a promotional video. After forcing the owner and the cameraman out of the car, the robbers fled the scene.


However, the key to this custom-made RS6 was still in the owner’s pocket which meant that once the car was turned off, it could not be started again. But instead of leaving the car as it is at the abandoned parking lot where the car was found, the criminals decided to set it ablaze.

We are not sure if this is just a crime that was not well-thought off, or they realized that they are not getting far in a high profile car, but torching the car is just not the ending we were hoping for this RS6.