Is Toyota developing a smaller RWD sports car to fit under the 86?


Have you ever looked at the Toyota 86 and thought that it may be a bit too big to your liking? Worry not as Toyota shares the same thought as you and is now in the process of developing a smaller RWD sports car that will sit nicely under the 86/GT86/FR-S.


The Japanese automotive giant plans to come up with a line-up of three sports cars, starting of course with the 86. With the upcoming successor of the Supra sitting on top of the line-up, all that is left to fill the blank space is this sub-86 rear-wheel drive sports car. The chief engineer of the 86, Tetsuya Tada has confirmed this with Drive Australia and even added that Toyota has started early development work on it.


“We have started on the car below the 86… It is not yet decided if it will be a two-seat or two-plus-two; we are developing the concept now,” said Tetsuya Tada. “Rear-wheel drive is the best solution for sportscar handling so this will be true for all three Toyota sportscars,” he added.

While there are no official details available on this sub-86 sportscar for the time being, rumours are stating that the car would weigh somewhere under 1,000kg and will be similarly sized with Mazda’s MX-5 roadster.