Honda teases their Project 2&4 ahead of its Frankfurt debut!


Since we are only weeks away from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, manufacturers have started teasing the special cars they are bringing in later in September. Honda also joins in this teaser fest and what they have prepped up for Frankfurt is something that will definitely be generating some curiosity.

It is called the Honda Project 2&4 and like most teasers, this one single image might not shed a lot of light on what it actually is. Thankfully the image is not the only piece of information shared by Honda as they also released some details regarding this unique Project 2&4.

For starters, it is powered by a RC123V motorcycle engine which was lifted from the MotoGP series, modified for public road use. It was jointly designed by Honda’s motorcycle design centre Asaka and Honda’s automobile design centre in Wako, Japan. The Project 2&4 is the winner of a global design competition run by Honda between its design studios.

The concept was described by Honda as “represents the company’s drive to inspire and reward creative thinking”. As for the time being, we are trying to decipher what this Project 2&4 really is. From the image, it looks like an open wheel car, something like an Ariel Atom or a Caterham. So what it is exactly? Looks like we would just have to wait for the Frankfurt Motor Show to take place and find out.