To sell a car as prestigious as the Mercedes Benz C63 or the new AMG GT, one could not just stop at promotional posters or fancy commercials. One of the best ways to do it is to coordinate a thrilling stunt in front of the potential buyers in showing the true prowess of these AMG-badged machines. But what it the coordination goes uncoordinated?


What you will get is a pile of two broken machines as a spanking new C63 S and a Mercedes-AMG GT S collided after crashing into each other during a company presentation. Taking place at the Zwartkops Racetrack in Johannesburg, South Afrika, the C63 and AMG GT were a part of a show “where the cars were performing a small show for clients”.


Clearly the potential clients got more than just a show presented towards them as it also showed how it will look like if they ever got into a crash in any of those cars. From the video, it looked like the duo was supposed to weave through each other, but it seems like one of the drivers got confused and even one second of that was enough to lead to such a dramatic end.

MB-Crash-AMG6 MB-Crash-AMG2 MB-Crash-AMG5

As shown in the pictures, both cars suffered heavy damages. The AMG GT’s door, side skirt and quarter panel was severely dented but the C63 was far worse with a smashed front bumper, grille, headlight, bonnet and quarter panel as well. The crash was hard enough to deploy the airbags and apparently both cars were declared as write-offs.