Villains coming from all over the world have been trying to kill James Bond but their ambition always ends at no avail. However, Bond will always be involved in a high speed chase and what if the villain is a professional race driver, like for example Felipe Massa? If you ever wondered how that will look like, Massa was just given a rare opportunity to drive the Jaguar C-X75 supercar and we think he fits perfectly for the role.


The C-X75 was a supercar that once previewed Jaguar’s ambition to make a high-performance machine featuring a hybrid drivetrain. It will house a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, micro gas turbines, and one electric motor on each wheel to produce a total output of 780-horsepower and a massive 1,600Nm of torque. Jaguar also focuses on aerodynamics to improve performance, like how the carbon fiber rear diffuser guides the airflow under the car to create downforce.



However due to economic reasons, Jaguar pulled the plugs on the C-X75 thus seeing it on the roads is just a dream. Maybe in reality, but the C-X75 did have its last hurrah by appearing in James Bond’s latest movie ‘Spectre’ and unlike the Aston Martin DB10, it was actually very close to seeing the production lines.


So what does Williams has to do with Jaguar or the C-X75? The existence of handful of C-X75s made for testing purposes and filming was made possible by Williams Advanced Engineering who specifically helped in developing the hybrid powertrain. Massa also enjoyed his short run in the C-X75, describing that “it was a thrill to take the wheel of a real stunt car used in a Bond movie.”


“Jaguar partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering on the production of these stunning supercars, so it was great to experience some of what my colleagues have developed outside of F1,” he added.