In a way, China is turning into the next Middle East as more and more exotic machines make their way to this thriving country. But unlike the Middle East, the supercars that ended up in China does not really share the same fate as they mostly grab worldwide headlines after crashing in a spectacular manner. And the latest victim? The Ferrari TheFerrari.


With only 499 units ever built by Ferrari, stumbling upon a LaFerrari is a wet dream for some, but the numbers of this rare species might go down along the years if more crashes like this take place. The exact details of this crash are pretty sketchy, but here is what we have gathered so far.


Taking place on a highway in Shanghai, China, this particular LaFerrari was wrecked when a “teenage driver” who seemed to not have the necessary driving experience to tame the 963PS hybrid supercar lost control of the Stallion and slammed the side barrier. The impact was clearly a powerful one, and you do not need the airbags to tell you how bad the damage is.

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The front end of the LaFerrari was obliterated and the left rear tire is totally out of position. The rear bumper also seems to be damaged, which goes to the diffuser as well. According to the local media, the owner also has a McLaren P1 in his garage which we are hoping that it will not share the same fate as this poor Italian horse.