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2015 TIMETOATTACK Round 1 – The Preview!


A new year, a new resolution. We are pretty sure that a lot of us have planned to be a better individual when ushering 2015 into our lives, and it is not much difference with the time attackers present at the 2015 TIMETOATTACK Round 1. Whether it is to break the current and amazing lap record of 2:14.903, or shaving the stubborn milliseconds off from their own personal record, the opening round of the 2015 TIMETOATTACK was a proper blast, all thanks to the sponsors, participants and the overwhelming crowds as well!



The worry of having a torrential rain always lingered our minds during the attack as it could either slow the pace down dramatically or even bring the session to a red flag. But the sun was shining from registration all the way to the final wave of cars attacking Sepang International Circuit, bringing the show on the road and the fans on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting if we were going to see another lap record smashed.

_DSC1330 _DSC1319


With this rare opportunity to experience a circuit event from the paddock, fans started flocking in as early as 7.30 am to get the best seats in the house. As for the participants, they took the opportunity of the open track day to make some final shakedown sessions or adjustments so that their machine is 101-percent ready for the attack.

_DSC1443 _DSC1510


Once the open track day concludes at 11.30am, the Drivers’ Briefing was held where the participants were briefed of the safety procedures once they are on track. It was then they were allowed to return to the pits and take part for one of the highlights of the day; the Parade Lap.




One of the crowd’s favourites, this was where all the machines make their way from the pitlanes to the main straight to test their transponders. But obviously that is not why the spectators are there as the long line of cars made here is just a great spectacle and also a great opportunity for a photo op.

_DSC0063 _DSC0107 _DSC0082

The Prince Lubricant’s pits were also one of the crowd’s favourite as they brought down some tantalizing machines like the iconic Eleanor, a Nissan GTR which had been given the Liberty Walk wide body kit and Zen Low’s Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 which he will be driving later in the GT Asia series.

_DSC0108 _DSC1431

_DSC1612 _DSC1664

After ensuring that all systems is a go, the 5.543km circuit came into life once again as cars from all over the country and Singapore as well roared into life and tried their best to lap Sepang International Circuit as quickly as possible. The time attack game is an interesting one as there we are able to see various cars from various makes sporting on various setups.



Whether it is bone-stock or armed to the teeth, we have seen it all at TIMETOATTACK. And we are also glad to see some new sports car taking part in the event like this new BMW M3 F80. How fast this new turbocharged machine did in its attack? We will soon find out.


But the focus of the day has got to be on whether did the 2014 lap record get smashed or will it still stand as the fastest lap time ever recorded on TIMETOATTACK. It seems that Desmond Soh back in 2014 outdid himself in 2015 as he only managed to record a best time of 2:15.331 in the ST Powered Evo 9. Nevertheless, the 2:15 set here is still a very fast lap time as it is only 0.4 seconds short from the previous record. Congratulations goes to Desmond and ST Powered for this incredible feat!