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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – The Turbocharged Machines (2WD & AWD)!


If the Honda Civic Type R FD2 is the primary weapons for attackers in the naturally aspirated category, then the must-show faces in the turbocharged category will undeniably be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. Equipped with a turbo four-banger and all-wheel drive, the Evo is also the crowd’s favourite and it is too bad that we would have to bid farewell towards this magnificent machine as Mitsubishi has pulled the plug on the legendary Evo.



To show how popular the Evo is within the participants themselves, 7 out of the 8 Street Turbo AWD participants chose the Evo for their attack. The not-so-ugly duckling in the pack would be this Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R which we would love to see more of entering the category. Driven by Chin Wai Yet, he managed to clock a best time of 2:49.889.

_DSC0622 IMG_6186

The fastest Evo X of the lot was driven by Maverick Lim of 833 Motorsports, clocking a best timing of 2:46.693 to earn him a fifth place finish in the class.


IMG_6212Riding in an Evo VIII, Akzal Benyamin was able to clock a respectable 2:36.213. Despite experiencing some issues with his turbocharger, the timing was enough to earn him the third place finish.

DSC_3518 IMG_6170

Coming in second was Eric Chua with his Evo IX with a timing of 2:33.712…

DSC_2986 IMG_6265 IMG_6219

…and taking the win for the Street Turbo AWD category was Eldred Goh, also in an Evo IX with a best timing of 2:32.007.

DSC_3357 IMG_6939

With a bit more variation in the Super Street Turbo AWD category, Phantus Racing had gone to great lengths in transforming their Proton Wira into an AWD turbocharged machine. The hard work had definitely paid off as Johanz Jassa had clocked a best timing 2:54.504 around the 5.543km circuit.



The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME or Tommi Makinen Edition is one of the great models that reminded us of Mitsubishi’s glory days where they once won four WRC drivers championships. Sometimes also referred to as Evo 6.5, Shahrul’s 2:38.183 timing was in no doubt fast, but could only put him in fifth place in the class.

DSC_3363 IMG_7085

The sight of this matte red Evo IX has always brightened up TIMETOATTACK, and Amier Amzar Akbarudin took home fourth place with his timing of 2:35.592.

DSC_3342 IMG_6412

Being the sole Evo X in the class, Mohd Yusoff finished third in the class after clocking a best timing of 2:26.064.

DSC_3046 IMG_7007

Breaking the Evo streak, this ProArt Wing Hin Volkswagen Golf R managed to slip by and claim second position with a 2:24.914 timing done by William Ho.



Finally coming in first place was Filbert Tan in this carbon-clad Evo IX. Running on a set of Advan A050s, the win was his to claim with the incredible timing of 2:24.753.

_DSC0578 IMG_6277

Running away from the Evos, we were very interested in knowing this Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing’s timing around Sepang. Driven by Nik Irfan, he managed to clock a decent timing of 2:50.542.

_DSC0612 IMG_6287

Driven by Tung Fai Chun, this Toyota Celica finished eighth with a timing of 2:49.349…

_DSC0617 IMG_6184

…followed by another Toyota, an MR-2 driven by Saw En Chong with a timing of 2:46.215.


From the outside, this may just look like just another Satria. But this local favourite has actually received the turbocharged touch and with Jeremiah Ong in the driver seat, he was able to take home sixth with a timing of 2:42.435.

DSC_3001 IMG_6195

If you had the impression that this Rocket Bunny-kitted BRZ is just for show, you should have seen this Subaru taking the circuit. Receiving a boost of power from an HKS supercharger kit, Netto Jeremy Dietrich was able to tame this FR machine to clock a 2:37.091.


Definitely one of our favourite Cefiros out there, Liew Park Loong took home third place in his 1JZ-GTE powered Cefiro with a timing of 2:36.841.

_DSC0702 IMG_6198

Loong’s timing was in no doubt too close for comfort for Wan Mohd Zariff as he finished in second place with a 2:36.323 in his Nissan Silvia S13.



Just when we thought we have seen enough of Civic Type R FD2s in the naturally-aspirated category, another one suddenly pops up in the turbo 2WD class. And like how the FD2Rs were very fast naturally aspirated, this one is also not to be messed with as Syaifuddin took home the Street Turbo 2WD win with a blistering 2:35.944.



Down in the world of semi slicks, a couple of Toyota Starlets made an appearance in the Super Street Turbo 2WD, both running on Achilles 123S. Mohd Zairi managed to clock a best timing of 2:53.020…



…while Aril Hamka took home fourth place with a timing of 2:51.500.


Also taking part in the Super Street category, Liew Park Loong takes third place once again in his Sharpie-riddled Cefiro with a timing of 2:35.270.

_DSC0699 IMG_6431

Syaifuddin also had a go in the Super Street category but was unable to bring back another win. However his timing is not something that should be underestimated as the 2:33.134 is seriously fast and earned him the second spot in the class.

_DSC0639 IMG_5461

Taking home the win for the Super Street Turbo 2WD was Soo Hoo Kwon. Running in a carbonized Lotus Exige S built by Riyoz Racing and equipped with a set of Advan A050s, he was able to clock an impressive timing of 2:28.292.



  1. Eldred Goh – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:32.007
  2. Eric Chua – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:33.712
  3. Akzal Benyamin – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII – 2:36.213
  4. Nazarudin Mohd Nordin – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:38.009
  5. Maverick Lim – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – 2:46.693
  6. Kaz Lee – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – 2:48.966
  7. Chin Wai Yet – Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – 2:49.889
  8. Roger Tan – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:50.085



  1. Filbert Tan – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:24.753
  2. William Ho – Volkswagen Golf R – 2:24.914
  3. Mohd Yusoff – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – 2:26.064
  4. Amier Amzar Akbarudin – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 2:35.592
  5. Shahrul Ausmade – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME – 2:38.183
  6. Johanz Jassa – Proton Wira AWD Turbo – 2:54.504



  1. Syaifuddin bin Ismail – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:35.944
  2. Wan Mohd Zariff bin Wan Firuz – Nissan Silvia S13 – 2:36.323
  3. Liew Park Loong – Nissan Cefiro A31 – 2:36.841
  4. Netto Jeremy Dietrich – Subaru BRZ – 2:37.091
  5. Foo She Wee – Nissan Silvia S15 – 2:41.435
  6. Jeremiah Ong – Proton Satria 1.8 Turbo – 2:42.768
  7. Saw En Chong – Toyota MR-2 SW20 – 2:46.215
  8. Tung Fai Chun – Toyota Celica ZZT31 – 2:49.349
  9. Nik Irfan – Proton Satria Neo – 2:50.542



  1. Soo Hoo Yew Kwon – Lotus Exige S – 2:28.292
  2. Syaifuddin Bin Ismail – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:33.134
  3. Liew Park Loong – Nissan Cefiro A31 – 2:35.270
  4. Aril Hamka Abd Rahim – Toyota Starlet EP82 – 2:51.500
  5. Mohd Zairi bin Mohd Latif – Toyota Starlet Glanza EP91 – 2:53.020