Volkswagen Plans For More R Models!


Volkswagen R, pretty much like how Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M and Audi RS has it, the hotter variant of a regular road going model. It may seem like a simple recipe, but there a lots of work that goes under the hood (no pun intended) to justify the premium pricing over the bread and butter models. At the moment, Volkswagen only has a handful of R models, namely the Golf R and the Scirocco R. Volkswagen did a short run of a Polo R WRC for homologation purposes.


“We have had a lot of success with the R models, because the R models are very emotional. The typical R models — from the technology side, the engine side — are at the highest level we can achieve, and as we showed with Golf R 400.” said Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Head Of Powertrain Development at Volkswagen.

golf_r_4-door_3573 golf_r_4-door_3574 golf_r_4-door_3575

There has been spyshots of a Volkswagen Golf R Wagon doing some rounds at the ‘ring earlier this year, suggesting that the launch could happen soon. The Golf R Wagon is said to share the same drivetrain as the hatchback sibling, so the same 2.0L inline-4 engine would make a return here, as well as having Volkswagen’s 4Motion system for better traction. Transmission choices would be a six speed manual and a six speed DSG.

golf-r-wagon_600-600x400 golf-r-wagon_600b-600x400 golf-r-wagon_600e-600x400

“We get a lot of positive resonance out of the market and, perhaps soon, we will see other R models. But it’s always a question [as to] if the market is able to use the car, if they find them attractive. But yes, in principle it’s always possible to do it. In the future, you may also see a wagon. It’s possible. It’s also possible for Polo, Passat — it’s possible for everywhere. It’s only a question of power and price range,” Dr Neusser continued. Who knows we might also see the light of a Passat R in the future.

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