The Ferrari LaFerrari XX spied testing at Fiorano Circuit!


Ferrari is working hard in developing the XX version of their latest LaFerrari, and the test mule was again recently spotted at the Fiorano Circuit. With the latest chatter suggesting that the car will be making its debut at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Abu Dhabi next month, we can’t wait to see how Ferrari had turned their hypercar into something better.


The track-only model was captured by and it shows that the LaFerrari has received a couple of visible aero refinements underneath that heavily camouflaged body. Those that could clearly be picked up are the two fixed rear spoilers, additional front air intakes, a new dual exhaust system and a lower front spoiler lip.


Powering the LaFerrari XX is still going to be the 6.3-liter V12 engine but since this is the XX version, it has been upgraded to produce an extra 100-horsepower; bringing the combined output up to 1,050-horsepower. Fitted with racing tires and the new aero package, zerotohundred is said to be done in less than three seconds with a top speed of 350km/h.


The Ferrari LaFerrari XX will be in limited production of around 30 cars, with each of them bearing a price tag of about £2 million (RM 10,474,887). And it is also the nature for XX programme cars to be stored by Ferrari themselves at Maranello, and maintained by their well-trained personnel.