The 280HP Honda Civic Type R Concept is Unveiled in Geneva!


The Geneva Motor Show is finally here and while we are interested in the big number of supercars making an appearance, we just could not get our eyes off the most-awaited car for quite some time. After teasing us with loads of images and videos, Honda finally takes the covers off their new Civic Type R Concept car.


With the looks inspired from the Civic WTCC race car, this new Type R will also be Honda’s first production model to use their newly developed series of turbocharged VTEC engines. The Type R will receive a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four that pushes out “more than 280 horses”, which some say that it might be reaching the 300-horsepower mark.



Now if some of you might have forgotten, Honda is determined to top the charts for the fastest production front-wheel drive car to lap the Nurburgring with their new Type R. While the Megane RS Trophy once dominated the charts with a 8:07.97, the new 280PS Seat Leon Cupra gives out a new challenge with a faster lap time of 7:58.44.


And to present itself as a proper car to take the throne, Honda said that the Type R will be “a racing car for the road, rather than a high performance version of a road car”.


“Many of the styling features offer real function, rather than just aesthetics. The needs to reduce drag, add downforce, provide cooling and achieve optimum airflow, were the key considerations for the design team”.