Saleen Foursixteen : Tesla Model S on Steroids!


Famous tuner, Saleen has gotten their hands on a Tesla Model S and worked their magic on it. So what has Saleen done to the already awesome Tesla Model S, after working on it for a few months?



For starters, the new Saleen has replaced the original Model S front bumper for better aerodynamics. Undeniably, it looks much better than the original Model S’s front bumper. Saleen has also done away with the stock Model S front bonnet, replacing it with their own type. The Saleen front bonnet now features a V shape to improve front downforce at speeds. The rear end has also been redesigned to feature a new carbon fiber diffuser and a subtle spoiler.



On the performance front, typical for any Saleen tuned vehicles, the Tesla Model S now has a new heart in the form of a new liquid cooled 3-phase, 4 pole AC induction motor. Saleen has upgraded the cooling system by upsizing the radiator, cooling fans and water pump to keep the motor cool. Furthermore, Saleen has tuned the gearbox ratio to enable the Foursixteen to accelerate even faster. Saleen has not revealed any performance numbers as yet, but it would be safe to assume that it will feature more power than the Tesla Model S’s top of the line P85+, which has 416 hp on tap.


With this increase in power, Saleen has also improved the Foursixteen’s brakes with aluminium vented discs and performance brake pads fitted to their “multi piston” front calipers. Shocks on the Foursixteen now features coilovers for better handling.


Price for the Saleen Foursixteen starts from $152,000 (RM 479,537 before tax). Current Tesla Model S owners can also take their cars to Saleen to get their own customization, be it for styling or performance. 


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