While the name Ryan Tuerck might not be that familiar in this part of the world, he needs no further introduction in North America or to hardcore drift fans with his great sideways skills. A competitor in the U.S. Formula Drift, he also runs a web show called Tuerck’d with the seventh episode of the third season taking us to a very narrow mountain pass in Vermont.


Take a professional drifter behind the wheels of a 600-horsepower Rocket Bunny-kitted Scion FR-S to a mountain pass and what do you get? Tonnes of sideways action and an infinite wall of smoke all the way!


The Scion FR-S, or the equivalent of the Toyota 86 in our part of the world, has been fully modified in becoming a tire-shredding machine. Stripped down of its interior for any unnecessary weight, the stock 2.0-liter engine was also ditched in favour for the legendary turbocharged 2JZ power plant.

frs8 frs10

Upon reaching the top, the action does not stop there as he then went for a tandem run alongside his buddy Pat Goodin in a Nissan S-chassis!