Renault unveils the all-new Twingo ahead of its Geneva debut – Rear engined, rear-wheel drive like a 911?


Renault-Twingo-3 The first generation Twingo was designed specifically for town use and although it never caught on that well against its competitors due to its ‘left-hand drive only’ nature; it had always been one of those perky little cars that yobbos drive around town. It was also one of the longest car that remained in production with Renault too; from 1992 to 2007 until the French automaker replaced it with the Twingo II. The previous gen were still built as a city car; although when RenaultSport got their hands on it.. it certainly turned it into one seriously fun car. It is no doubt that since then; Renault saw the market’s eagerness of a more involved, fun little city car which made them turn back to the drawing boards and produce this.. the all-new Twingo. Renault-Twingo-1 Unveiled online ahead of its Geneva debut; the all-new Twingo hasn’t changed much over its concept model; the Twin’run concept which was unveiled last year. Now though – we know for a fact that the French is serious about making this little city car into a more sought after ride. Although the technical details were not published together; we now know however that the platform will run a rear-engined, rear-wheel driven format which in this day and age, only 911s run that format. Renault said that this has given them the liberty to generate more interior space with the running engine sitting under the rear boot. Renault-Twingo-2 If this continues; we might just see people driving it like a shopping cart in a supermarket.. drifting it around their local roundabout. With that said, its already more interesting than its targeted competitor.. the Fiat 500. Until its launch at Geneva next month, Renault has not said the engine that will reside below the rear boot; however speculations make it that it will probably be running the 900cc Turbocharged TCe motor from the current Clio. Renault-Twingo-3_thumb[2] The unique layout is significantly interesting and we can’t wait to have this here in Malaysia. We like small cars; they can always be ultimate fun. Kudos Renault.. Imagine what the RenaultSport version could be like!