Rare White McLaren F1 For Sale!


A few months back, a red McLaren went under the hammer for $10.5 million. Impressive, considering that back in 2013, a silver 1997 model sold for $8 million. Unlike regular cars, the McLaren F1 appreciates in value. If you were to look back in 2006, a yellow McLaren F1 was sold for a mere $1.7 million. So it is no surprise, that we expect this particular one to sell for no less than $11 million.

So, what we have here, is the only unit in Marlboro White. We are aware that there are other white McLaren F1s around, but those are not originally from the factory. Incredibly, for this 19 year old McLaren F1, it has only covered a mere 1617km!


Potential buyers would appreciate that this unit comes with full service record from McLaren, and received an extensive service in 2008. This Marlboro White McLaren F1 previously owned by three different individuals. A fitted luggage is also included in the package.


Powering this gem is a BMW M Division developed V12 engine. This engine features quad overhead camshafts with variable valve-timing, coupled with a chain drive for the camshafts. Very impressive technology, considering that these technology was unproven back in the late 80s. The McLaren F1 is limited to a top speed of 240mph (386kmh). To date, only a handful of cars can beat the McLaren F1 in terms of top speed, but what makes the McLaren F1 special is that unlike newer supercars which uses forced induction, the McLaren F1 is actually naturally aspirated, as Gordon Murray wanted the keep the simplicity of natural aspirated engines.


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