Porsche 991 GT3 finally launched in Malaysia – priced from RM1.23mil


We were at Sepang yesterday evening for the long awaited launch of the latest Porsche 911 GT3. The fifth generation 911 GT3 was unveiled by Arnt Bayer, Chief Executive Officer of Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), along with Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) race drivers – Earl Bamber and Alif Hamdan, in conjunction with the 2014 PCCA Rounds 8 and 9.


For the first time, the 911 GT3 will be sold with Porsche’s dual-clutch transmission (PDK) only. While there will be some who will lament the lack of a stick option, there is some good news as this seven-speed PDK box used in the GT3 is the fastest, most powerful PDK that Porsche uses for a production vehicle. It was specially developed with characteristics that mimic a sequential gearbox from motor racing, and Porsche says that this provides further performance and dynamics advantages to its driver.  The new PDK box used in the GT3 is some 2kgs lighter, resulting in shorter gear ratios.


The powertrain for the 911 GT3 is derived from the 911 Carrera S, although they share only a few common parts. The 3.8-litre mill is now strung to produce some 475hp at a heady 8,250rpm and 440Nm at 6,250rpm. With a power-to-weight ratio of 3.0kg/hp, the 911 GT3 will sprint from zerotohundred in 3.5 seconds, 200km/h in under 12 seconds, and towards a terminal velocity of 315km/h.

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Bodywork is based on the current generation 911 Carrera in hybrid steel-aluminum construction, however, it comes with independent front and rear parts. The newly developed all-aluminum chassis can still be adjusted by height, toe, and camber. The car rear is now 44mm wider than a standard Carrera, with a large, fixed rear wing (which we think looks fantastic).

Technical highlights include the first active rear wheel steering in a production Porsche. This system has the ability to either steer in the same or in the opposite direction of the front wheels, depending on the speed and resulting in improved handling, agility, and stability – useful, especially when driven at the limit.


This road-legal track special can be had with prices starting from RM1.23mil with the massive 20-in forged wheels as standard, and sans other options. We know by now, of course, that the final price tag is dependent upon the customer’s imagination.

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