McLaren reveals the new 2015 650S GT3 Race Car!


As predicted, the car teased by McLaren that was set for the Goodwood debut was in fact the track-version of their new 650S. Dubbed as the 650S GT3, this new track machine by McLaren will soon be making its way to circuits around the world and taking the McLaren brand to challenge the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini in motorsports.


Like the 12C GT3, the 650S GT3 is the evolution from the road car to a track car. The 12C GT3 has proven itself as a competitive racing platform as it had won three championship titles, 51 race victories and another 71 podium spots. It is currently leading the Blancpain Endurance Series as well as the closer-to-home GT Asia championship.


While developing the 650S GT3, McLaren sought to improve the car in some specific matters like the cooling, handling and safety. The car now gains a front splitter and larger air intakes, while the sides of the lightweight carbon fiber bodywork also get a revised air intake to optimize cooling. The massive rear wing works together with the large splitter in providing the much needed downforce on the car.


The 650S GT3 also features revised suspension geometry, wider track and further updates on the overall setup. The 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 M838T engine now pushes about 493-horsepower to the rear wheels via an all-new six-speed sequential transmission.

On the inside, the 650S GT3’s carbon fiber MonoCell is further reinforced with the FIA-approved roll cage to provide protection to the driver strapped in the McLaren GT-developed race seat with a six-point race harness as standard.


McLaren is planning to produce and deliver about 15 650S GT3 for the 2015 motorsports calendar, and each of them will come with a price tag of USD 561,900 (RM 1,803,614). McLaren is also more than happy to throw in an upgrade package to any teams that had just brought a 12C GT3, and transforming it into the 650S GT3.