If you have the McLaren P1 in the list of your most favourite cars, then you might want to look away as this may make you shed a tear or two. It is reported that the limited-run McLaren P1 was involved in a pretty nasty accident, resulting in the hypercar being in a very sad condition.

McLaren-P1-1 McLaren-P1-Crash-2

Details are pretty scarce right now, but according to the DailyMail, the 27-year-old owner had just picked up his car from the dealership in less than 24 hours of the accident. They also said that the owner might have lost control of the P1 after hitting a wet spot before smashing into the guardrails. The owner and a 24-year-old passenger were injured in the crash and transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

McLaren-P1-Crash-1 McLaren-P1-2

It looks like a devastating crash with both sides showing substantial damage, and surely it will cost a bomb to repair. But luckily the carbon fiber monocoque constructed by the chaps at McLaren is incredibly stiff and rigid, so at least the car is practically still in one piece and keeping the occupants safe at the same time.



Images via @davesplace