McLaren gives a first look into the P1 GTR’s interior + bonus track shots!


While we are more than aware of how McLaren’s new 986-horsepower P1 GTR looks like, they had yet to give us a glimpse of how it is like to be inside this track-bound hybrid hypercar. Well, wonder no more as McLaren has just released a set of images revealing the interior of one of the most powerful track-only vehicle McLaren has ever made.


While we can hardly say that the P1 is lavishly-equipped, McLaren still managed to strip it down to the bare essentials to make sure it is not lugging any unnecessary weight. The driver seats in a lightweight carbon fiber seat similar to those used in DTM touring cars and is secured by a full six-point racing harness.


Bear in mind that the seats will be set up specifically for each of the P1 GTR owners, mounting it directly to the chassis. This will omit the need of additional mounting brackets which will increase the weight of the car. But it still surprises us that McLaren decided to keep the air conditioning system on board.


The steering is also one of the highlights as it is based on the 2008 MP4-23 Formula 1 car’s steering. The key controls are located to the centre of the steering which allows the driver to adjust the settings of the car without the need to take the hands off the steering wheel. Buttons found in the road-going P1 like the Drag Reduction System (DRS) and the Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) could still be found.

McLaren-P1-GTR-7 McLaren-P1-GTR-6

Also for our viewing pleasure, McLaren had released a couple more images of the P1 GTR taken during a testing session in Bahrain. Dressed in a menacing black guise from the combination of Carbon Black paint and bare carbon fiber bodywork, McLaren said that “all tests were completed with results meeting or, in many cases exceeding, the stringent targets set.”