Lexus GS-F Spied!


Ever since the Lexus IS-F got canned a few months back, Lexus has remained tight lipped on a challenger to Mercedes Benz’s E63 AMG, BMW’s M5 and the Audi RS6 Avant. But with these latest spyshots, it is confirmed that Lexus finally has a worthy competitor on its hand, the GS-F.


The Lexus GS-F will likely be getting a revised version of the 5L V8 found in the RC-F. The engine made about 450 bhp in the RC-F, and close to 500 bhp for the GS-F. With 500 bhp under the hood, the GS-F still sits below its competitors, as the E63 AMG has 550 bhp, the M5 has 552 bhp and the Audi RS6 Avant has 552 bhp. If anything, the GS-F does have about 50 horses short to its nearest competitor. Power is driven from the engine to the rear wheels via an eight speed automatic transmission.


The exterior of the Lexus GS-F is still pretty much under wraps, but it is obvious that the GS-F will have sportier front and rear bumpers. F badges are also found all round the car. Besides that, expect bigger wheels and bigger brakes for better stopping power. Like the IS-F before that, a similar exhaust set up is also available on the GS-F (We do hope that they’re real!)



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