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Latest baby Bull arrives: Lamborghini’s Huracán LP610-4 set to heat up Malaysian roads!


We’ve just come back from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, after having witnessed the official debut of Lamborghini’s latest Bull – the LP610-4 Huracán. It first made an appearance earlier this year in January, through a series of private viewings for existing Lamborghini owners and selected guests, prior to the official world debut during the 2014 Geneva Motorshow in March.


Lamborghini says the Huracán is not only just the successor to the iconic Gallardo; but that it is also an innovative technology package which offers outstanding dynamics and excellent quality. The Huracán aims to combine absolute performance with easy-to-drive road behaviour, and is Lamborghini’s next step into the future, enhancing the marque’s illustrious history with this next automotive legend.


From a design perspective, the Huracán maintains Lamborghini’s swish, sleek lines. It revolutionizes the Gallardo’s design language with sharp edges, monolithic and sculptured volumes, and clean, precise surfaces. Look carefully at the silhouette of the car and you might notice the single line that merges the front, cockpit, and rear of the Huracán.  These design lines continue into the interior of the car. The last time we drove a Gallardo, its interior had already begun to feel awfully dated. Step into the Huracán however and you’ll notice the baby Bull has taken many cues from its Aventador sibling., wrapped in a mix of supple Nappa leather and Alcantara.


The latest baby Bull is crafted in a new hybrid chassis, a construction of integrated carbon and aluminum elements, giving the car a dry weight of 1,422 kg. Nestled in the rear is a new 5.2 liter V10 engine that makes some 610hp at a heady 8,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 560Nm at 6,500 rpm. Zerotohundred is dispatched in just 3.2 seconds, but with modern supercars these days, it really is about the car’s zerotwohundred time – in the Huracan, just 9.9 seconds towards a claimed 325km/h vmax.


All that power is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the “Lamborghini Doppia Frizione” (LDF) and to a fully electronically controlled four-wheel drive system. Yes, you didn’t read wrong – the Huracán is indeed the first Bull fitted with a dual-clutch transmission. Three modes are available: STRADA, SPORT and CORSA – each influencing not just the engine, gearbox, and four-wheel drive system, but also the exhaust sound and stability control.


Will the Huracán continue the Gallardo’s success? A total volume of 14,022 Gallardos were produced through its ten-tear life-span, and we found out that there are already 2,500 orders of the new Huracán – a very positive response indeed.

There is no confirmed price at this point in time, but Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur estimates an on-the-road price of roughly RM2.1mil, before options.  More importantly… will we get to test drive one? Well, we have our fingers crossed and I promise our readers will be the first to know 😉


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