You read that right. A Lamborghini Huracan that was driven by five times Targa New Zealand Rally champion Tony Quinn went off road and crashed. So, what’s this Targa New Zealand Rally you ask? Started in 1995, the Targa New Zealand Rally is a week long rally that covers about 1,500 km of touring and about 750 km of closed special stages. The Targa New Zealand Rally originally started off as an event for classic performance cars to compete, but due to its popularity, has since became a much more competitive event.


As mentioned earlier, the Lamborghini Huracan was driven by Tony Quinn, with Naomi Tillett as his co-driver. They were racing for the podium position when the Huracan got some air time (No bonus points however) and the driver had to swerve away due to another crash at the scene. Because of that, the poor Huracan had to eat grass (literally). Lucky for Tony, the damage was not too severe.

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Good news though, it seems like the car will be fixed and will continue the rally, albeit dropping to 13th position.


Watch the video below of the aftermath. Warning, it may hurt a bit, seeing the poor Huracan injured like that.