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Lamborghini Asterion LPI910-4 Hybrid Concept!


After numerous teases, the Lamborghini Asterion LPI910-4 Concept has been officially unveiled during the Paris Motor Show. So, unlike the other hybrid supercars, the Asterion is still pretty much a concept car for now. The letter I in LPI stands for Ibrido, which is hybrid, in Italian.


The Asterion features the tried and tested 5.2 L V10 that is also found in the Audi R8 V10. However, the Asterion has 3 electric motors hooked up to the drivetrain. One of the motors is housed in the 7 speed dual clutch transmission itself, which propels the rear wheels. The other two motors are in charged (pun intended) of driving the front wheels. The V10 engine itself produces 602 hp, and coupled with the electric motors, the Asterion has a total combined power rating of 900 hp, which puts the Asterion right in the playing field with the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1.


On the outside, the Asterion features a unique blue colour called Blue Elektra. Coupled with the unmistakable Lamborghini design language, the Asterion certainly looks the part.


Unlike other concept cars however, the Asterion looks pretty much production ready. As quoted by Lamborghini CEO & President, Stephan Winkelmann”Lamborghini is always looking ahead, investing in new technologies and setting new benchmarks, delivering the unexpected.”


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