Jaguar celebrates 66 years of the birth of the XK120 with a special edition – The X66 might just be the last XK Special Edition


Just a couple of days after the news that Jaguar intends on facing out the XK series from their production line to focus on up and coming models, they’ve just released some details and pictures of a special edition, which we think might just be the last XK special edition to roll out the drawing boards. With production ending this summer, it is very unlikely that there will be another…

So – in commemoration of the XK120, the grand father of the XK series that we know today celebrates it’s 66th birthday this year and Jaguar has decided to release a little special edition to keep the Jag fans happy. It is essentially an XK with a couple of special edition badges stuck on the sides and the interior, but we reckon it is more special than what many would presume.

372042Its called the X66 and yes, many of you guys can already expect that it will be limited to… wait for it, 66 units. Mind blowing right? You can have it in either the signature British Racing Green or if you’re a hipster, a less mainstream Stratus Grey Metallic. Jaguar has also taken the liberty to fit their 5.0-litre V8 engine which produces 380bhp on taps. Yes, no supercharger on this one..

It is distinguishable by the many badges fitted around the car, but at the same time, the X66 also features 20-inch ‘Orona’ polished alloy wheels, chrome mirror caps and some chrome grilles to match. That’s a lot of chrome indeed..


372044It is bound to hit the dealerships this May with prices starting from 99,380 Euros for the Coupe and 107,580 Euros for the Convertible version. That is a lot of money but for those seeking for something a little special, the X66 might just fit the bill. You’ll be amongst the lucky 66 who will spend that kind of money for a non-supercharged XK.