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Honda Teases The New Civic Type R!

Well, looks that that was quick. Honda has recently dropped another teaser for the much-awaited Civic Type R. Remember this? It was mentioned that that particular Type R was undergoing a video shoot, and looks like now its clear what video is it.

Honda-Civic-Type-R -Concept1

Shot in Croatia earlier last month, the Civic Type R seems to have some rather blinding rear lights integrated into the spoiler. Besides that, the car follows much of the concept car’s design cues. The new Civic Type R will drop its famous high revving naturally aspirated inline-4 for a turbocharged engine. Power is expected to be in excess of 280 horses. Power is transferred to the front wheels via a 6 speed manual transmission.

Honda-Civic-Type-R -Concept4Honda-Civic-Type-R -Concept3

Unlike previous Type R models, this new Civic Type R will have more electronic trickery to spice things up. One of the much touted feature of the new Civic Type R is the +R Sports Mode, when pressed, sharpens throttle response, damper stiffness and altered torque curve.

Honda-Civic-Type-R -Concept5 Honda-Civic-Type-R -Concept6

Honda is eyeing a Nurburgring record for its new Civic Type R, setting cars like the Renault Megane RS and the Nissan Pulsar Nismo in their sights. Do stay tuned closely to

Watch and enjoy the short teaser below.

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  • Oct 31, 2014
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