Honda S2000 Successor To Be Mid Engined?


Miss the Honda S2000? We certainly do. The S2000 was a rather niche market car, being the only convertible rear wheel drive Honda back in the day. Those who are fortunate enough to own or drive one, would definitely remember the VTEC scream as the tachometer shoots towards 9000rpm. Sadly, due to emission ruling and lukewarm sales, Honda pulled the plug on the S2000 in 2009.


Fret not, as sources has indicated that Honda executives has already given the greenlight to go ahead for the S2000 successor project! For starters, the replacement will feature a mid mounted engine, unlike the S2000’s front mounted engine. The engine of choice, will likely be a revised version of the 2015 Civic Type-R’s 2L 4 cylinder engine, producing in the region of 365hp. Unlike the S2000 however, the likely only transmission choice would be a 7 speed dual clutch automatic.


Like the bigger brother NSX, the new S2000 is likely to be electric motor assisted, albeit assisting the rear wheels only. Honda remains silent on the S2000’s batteries, as last week, we showed you guys the fiery demise of a NSX prototype. Also, like the big brother, the S2000 will likely benefit from lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium construction, which should help it achieve the 1300kg target weight.

Strange as it may seem, but the S2000 successor sounds to be like a baby NSX, rather than an actual successor to the S2000. What do you guys think?


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