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From Prancing Horse to Spirit of Ecstasy – Novitec turns attention to Rolls Royce with the SPOFEC


Despite offering tuning packages to marquees like Lamborghini nowadays, Novitec is mainly known for their speciality in fiddling with Prancing Horses. But it seems that having a hand in supercars is not enough for Novitec, and they had recently ventured into the territory of luxury vehicles with a new tuning division called Spofec.


While we know that Rosso is for Ferrari, Torado is Lamborghini’s and the Tridente is responsible for Maserati, Spofec will put their focus entirely for tuning Rolls Royce. Yes, you heard it right. The Spofec will be responsible in tuning the Spirit of Ecstasy, and the first product to have come from them is a very interesting looking Ghost sedan.


Spofec offers two levels of tuning for the Ghost. The first stage pumps up the Ghost’s twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 to 685-horsepower and 706 lb-ft of torque, a significant jump from the original 563-horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque. If that is not enough for you, the stage two might come in handy where the Ghost will haunt you with 708-horsepower and 721 lb-ft of torque.


While the zerotohundred figure of 4.4 seconds might not impress some for a +700-horsepower car, one should remember that the Ghost weighs almost 2.5 tonnes. Top speed is limited at 250km/h for safety purposes.


Aside from the power upgrades, the Ghost also gets new suspension, 22-inch light alloy wheels, a set of carbon-ceramic brakes, and a new aero kit to increase downforce at high speeds. As for the time being, upgrades are only available for the Ghost, but Spofec promises that they will offer similar upgrades to the Wraith as well.