FEATURE: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse – The final piece to the puzzle


If you haven’t noticed – the Lamborghini Gallardo is the most successful model to ever come out of San’t Agata, Italy and in its lifespan of 10 years; Lamborghini has built the exact number of 14,022. That’s 10,000 units more than the Murcielago and almost 7 times more than the Lamborghini Countach; despite being the model that stayed in production for the longest time, 16 years.

Many believed that it was Audi’s intervention in the brand that changed the outcome; and some would speak of the Gallardo’s easy, daily driving abilities that brought its success to the automaker. Apparently these facts are just propaganda, and only 20% of those facts stands as the truth. The long history of Lamborghinis showed that their cars are exquisite pieces of art; and it was the dream of 7 year olds in the 80s to own these examples of rampaging bulls on wheels. What we believe made the Gallardo so successful was it brought the dream into a reality; making it an achievable life goal for that 7 year old from the 80s.


It is the now the end of the line for the Gallardo; with the replacement model taking shape very quickly and set to be officially unveiled in the flesh very soon. Yes – we have taken a peek at the upcoming Huracan recently in the flesh; and we are excited to say that it is one helluva looking space ship. But lets not forget about the one that made it all possible for the brand to grow; the Gallardo.

In its long lineup of many different iterations, Lamborghini had somehow abused the loyalty of enthusiasts by making countless special editions of what basically stood as the same car. We weren’t very interested in that but whilst we were opaqued by that factor; the engineers were actually busy at work to make the ultimate Gallardo, to give it one last proper send off. Its called the LP570-4 Squadra Corse and we are glad to say, this is… THE FINAL PIECE TO THE PUZZLE.


Combining their technological know-how from the SuperTrofeo race series and pure lust for making things fast; the Squadra Corse features the familiar 5.2-litre V10 seen on the ‘regular’ Gallardos. However, it has been tinkered with, to generate greater engine response characteristics that has yet to be seen on other versions. Producing 562bhp and 540nm of torque; the Squadra Corse was designed with racing in mind; to ensure that the final send off will stand as the ultimate of all the iterations.

Its true that Audi’s intervention is a part of that success story for the brand as we know it now; simply because the Germans transformed what used to be an almost impossible car to drive, into one serious Supercar. With the Squadra Corse; Lamborghini has taken the liberty to rework all the aerodynamics on the Gallardo; to generate a stronger downforce at speed and making it a serious attacker around a track.

SC-4 SC-5

With an all-new rear wing fitted on the back; it promises to generate 3 times more downforce than those seen on the lightened Superleggera. Matched with the FL2 Super Trofeo reworked air splitters; the Squadra Corse has set a benchmark time of 1:11.85 around the Vairano Handling Course in Italy – lapping a whole 3 seconds quicker than the LP570-4 Superleggera.

Whilst aerodynamics plays an important role in the race against time; weight too is a factor. Lugging around extra; unnecessary weight will only hold you back so what the engineers did was.. they replaced glass with perspex and plastic with carbon fibre to justify the quest for weight reduction.


All these effort resulted in a whole 30kg weight saving over the already lightened LP570-4 Superleggera; proving it to be an even more serious piece of kit. Whilst many other automakers like Bentley would try to make a special version more luxurious – Lamborghini would rather translate that towards the ‘unadulterated driving pleasure’ experience.


The word ‘Squadra Corse’ is derived from Lamborghini’s all-new racing division and for a brief moment; we assumed that Lamborghini was out to make another limited run production model. At the launch; Lamborghini never admitted that this was the last hurrah of the Gallardo.. however with much pride they did acknowledge their intentions to seriously maximise the performance of the baby bull.

Maurizo Reggiani; Head of R&D at Automobili Lamborghini said – ‘With the Squadra Corse we wanted to not just improve upon the Gallardo, but integrate our motorsport experience too,’ and whilst the name Squadra Corse is derived from their newly formed motorsports specialist team.. this car will now enter the history books as the most extreme Gallardo ever made..


Over 10 years of constant improvement on the Gallardo; the last piece to the puzzle combines all the experience that the company has gathered alongside the Motorsports involvement – the Squadra Corse will unquestionably be the most sought after many years down the line. Its a shame that only 50 examples will be made and all of them has been sold.

The world is a better place with the presence of the Gallardo – opening new possibilities where it wasn’t possible before. The Gallardo rewrote the brand’s history and the perception of the people where Lamborghinis are only made for a poster on the bedroom wall. Its sad to see it go but with all great things, it has to step down and make way for better things to come. With this – we bid farewell to the Lamborghini Gallardo.. That will always and forever will be the perfect baby bull.


Car: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse

Engine: 5.2 litre V10 normally aspirated | 562bhp and 542nm

Zerotohundred: 3.4 seconds

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